Dear CantorK

Thank you for a most meaningful and spiritual ceremony for the new member of the Leshner and Fischer families. What a beautiful life cycle event!

Marcia Leshner
Grandmother of Emmett Solomon Leshner
Pictured with his parents, Rebecca Fischer & Hal Leshner
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the blessing of performing Miles’s bris. And thank you for putting together a wonderful ceremony that incorporated all of our families and their wishes… We are excited to watch Miles grow and become a member of the Jewish community, and we would highly recommend you to others who are welcoming a Jewish baby into the world. Perhaps we will be back in touch with you in a few years.

Torie & Max Berger
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We just wanted to take this opportunity to more formally express our thanks for your help in navigating and conducting Solly’s brit. We are so grateful for your responsiveness, opinion and experience in concert with fulfilling the mitzvah of brit and are blessed that we found you. Thank you for providing much meaning and joy.

Linda & Rafi Moreen
Parents of Zeke and Solly
Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

We happened to be going through David’s baby pictures this evening and came across his bris. I immediately recognized the kipah. Then David’s mom pulled it out for us. Glad Asher and his dad had the same person for such a special mitzvah.  Thank you!

Dayna & David Yael
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Thank you for being a part of this momentous day in Reid and our lives. How fitting that you were here for Reid just like you were here for Miles. You should continue to be well and bring many more young Jewish men into the Covenant.

Micaela & Richard Gold
Cresskill, New Jersey

Thank you, Cantor Kushner, for a most meaningful and perfect bris for our grandson. Your gentle, kind, professional manner, along with your explanation of this solemn religious rite of passage, made Crew’s bris so special. Our family’s link in the chain of the Covenant that spans thousands of years remains unbroken.

Toby & Joel Shpigel
Grandparents of Crew Jensen
Pictured with his parents
Kirsten & Andrew Shpigel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for taking the utmost care of our son, Gabriel Arturo, during his brit milah. We could not have asked for anything more. From the first time we spoke many months ago, up to the day, your down-to-earth manner, kindness, calm and superb organization made this sacred and special day all the more special. You struck the perfect balance to make the significance of the bris both relatable to everyone and more human. It was a day of celebration for both the Jewish and non-Jewish members of our family!

P.S. He absolutely loved his Manischewitz lollipop!

And a big thank you to Rabbi Debbie Bravo for recommending you to us.

Devorah Spadone & Bradford Devens
New York, New York

My husband  and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated our precious grandson Noah’s bris. It was a special experience for us because we have a new baby in our midst again. We valued your explanation about the service, and took to heart your remarks about the importance of the bris in terms of Jewish history. But most touching to us were your comments about how important it is to appreciate all the every day moments in a child’s life. At our stage of life, we have come to understand exactly how precious those moments are. Thank you for guiding us and our beloved Noah through this very special occasion.

Pelly & Dr. Stephen Brown
Grandparents of Noah Elliot
Pictured with his parents
Alexa Levitt Brown & Jason Brown
New York, New York

Thank you so much for officiating at Simon’s bris. It means a lot that you were able to join our families for this special occasion after being part of our wedding and many Douglas Family milestones. When ceremonies and gatherings have changed to Zoom meetings and FaceTimes, continuing and evolving this tradition with you felt even more meaningful. Also, our friends and family who joined remotely shared how warm and inclusive the event was, so we are all the more grateful for your forethought and care to make the most of the Zoom platform. We look forward to a time when we can all gather in person safely again and will always cherish these memories.

Anne Douglas & Evan Eisler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We could not have found a better person to perform the bris for our son. There was an instant connection when we first spoke, and your down-to-earth manner helped bring a very sacred and special day to new heights with warmth, personality and philosophy. It was the perfect balance to make the significance of the bris both relatable to everyone and more human. It was a day of celebration for our family!

Alize and Lee Shechtman
Horsham, Pennsylvania

We are so incredibly thankful to you for performing a beautiful, heartfelt, smooth and meaningful bris ceremony for us. We will always remember it and feel grateful to you for being part of Harrison’s life during this very special time.

Courtney & Jason Tofsky
New York, New York

Pictured with Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky

I have been meaning to write you and thank you for your blessings and company at Eduardo’s brit milah. He has certainly filled the house and our hearts with joy and warmth.  All of the Buzali Family send you love and again say thank you.

Ana & Leon Buzali
Princeton, New Jersey

Thank you for making Roman’s bris such a wonderful celebration.  Many guests, both Jewish and non-Jewish, commented on how much they learned from you.  We are especially thankful for how kind and caring you were with Roman – he barely cried and absolutely loved his Manischewitz lollipop!

Margeaux Katz & Rich Sgrignoli
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Rabbi Peter Kessler participated in the ceremony.

We would like to thank you again for making the trip out here and performing such a beautiful service at Mason’s bris. Everyone was thrilled with how you and the rabbi explained each step along the way and took such good care of our little boy. It was educational for all of us. We couldn’t have asked for more. Mason is doing well this week and appreciates his new kipah. It was a very nice gesture.

Kayla & Steven Katz
Atco, New Jersey

Thank you for helping to make Eliza’s naming incredibly memorable. We received many compliments on the ceremony, and our guests especially commented on how much they learned. You made everyone feel welcome and gave them the understanding of how special this day was for Eliza and for us.

Nancy & Michael Rosefeldt
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Dan and I both feel abundant gratitude for your presence and leadership at Henry’s bris. Your spiritual connection, warmth, levity and calm made for a beautiful, meaningful and homey ceremony. We have been receiving so many comments about your service – how special it was and how impressed and comfortable people felt. We hesitated to do the bris outside of our home and with a new mohel. Change can be daunting. But every single thing about you was a perfect fit, and we are grateful that you were able to be with us and preside that morning. What has typically been a very hard day for me with our older sons, turned out to be beautiful and meaningful. You are so good at what you do.

Anna & Dan Weiser
Elliot, Leo and Henry
New Rochelle, New York

We cannot thank you enough for performing Nathan’s bris. It was such an honor to have someone with your experience and knowledge. You made what could have been a difficult experience for parents into a celebration, also making everyone in attendance feel comfortable. We are so grateful and so happy we made the choice to have a bris.

Jackie & Tom Macchiaverna
Holmdel, New Jersey

I have told you many times that I admire and respect you, and I have limitless respect for your commitment, your knowledge, your skill, and your elegant hands with which you perform your mitzvot, your charm, your serenity and the calmness that you bring to your sacred calling. I am so proud that we have been friends for so many years. And I am doubly proud that you were the agent designated by our son, Rabbi Howard, and his beloved Naomi, to bring Micah Toby into his Covenant with G-d and the Jewish people.

Hazzan David Tilman
Grandfather of Micah Toby Tilman
Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the incredibly beautiful and touching ceremony for Brandon… the professionalism you evoked with your calming presence, incredible skill and aftercare follow-up calls was deeply appreciated. You are a true mensch! … our guests were moved by your words and the ceremony, and we know we will always remember this special day!

Regina Katsnelson & Michael Montanaro
Westfield, New Jersey

As a first-time parent, planning a bris was new to me, and I had very limited familiarity with this particular category of simchas. Once we met CantorK, we felt much more at ease and could tell that our son was in good hands. The ceremony was beautiful and included our family members in a meaningful way. Our son was well cared-for before, during and after the ceremony, and we were so pleased with the whole experience.

Sarah & Michael Brasky
Brooklyn, New York

I know you probably hear this a lot, but Evan and I want to thank you sincerely for performing such a beautiful bris ceremony on Father’s Day for our son, Seth. I loved how you were able to conduct the ritual completely in keeping with halakha but still make it relatable and accessible for the lay people in our gathering. Your expertise and calm demeanor allowed the ceremony to run smoothly, and we were all so moved by the event, as you could probably tell by the sobbing in the room!  We are thrilled we found you to help us and help our son join the Jewish community.

Jenny and Evan Graber
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for being the mohel at Ilan’s bris. The ceremony was truly lovely from the d’var Torah to the singing to the inclusion of Ilan’s uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents. You made this already special event in our lives even more meaningful. We also appreciate your skill and the instructions you gave us afterward. Ilan is healing well so we couldn’t be happier.

Aliza Gordon and Ben Schuster
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We can’t thank you enough for the lovely brit milah you performed for our grandson, Levi. He and his big sister, Penelope, and parents, Stefanie and Nathan, are all well and thriving. Hoping you and your family had a beautiful Pesach – this family did!

Hannah and Sandy Schussel
Grandparents of Levi Murray Todd
Bloomfield, New Jersey

On behalf of our entire mishpacha, we are grateful to you for creating an
amazingly beautiful and inspirational brit milah for our grandson, Lev !

As Shabbat is about to commence , we are glowing in the brilliance and
simcha shel mitzvah of the brit that you crafted for Yael and Yair and Lev.
With our deepest gratitude and best wishes of Shabbat shalom.

Rabbi Howard Buechler
Grandfather of Lev Kramer
New York, New York

Thank you for making our son Gavin’s bris truly special and memorable. The experience was incredible. We are grateful to have had you as his mohel, and we are so happy with the way our son is healing. We really appreciate your warmth, kindness and professionalism.

Katherine Byal-Veksler and Felix Veksler
Manalapan, New Jersey

I know this is late, but it’s been a rough road with new twins and a 3-year-old at home. Just a quick note to say a big, huge TODAH for the most incredible and meaningful bris you performed for Eytan Seth. You came highly recommended by Rabbi Cosgrove, and he was so right. We thank you for your patience, your professionalism, your care, your flexibility and for orchestrating such a nice simcha. It was more then we could have expected. And as far as Eytan goes, he has not complained about anything since he saw you! Chazak v’ematz!

Kimberly and Lior Cohen
New York, New York

Thank you for the beautiful bris yesterday for Jordan, and thank you so very much for your follow-up phone calls. They really mean a lot! You are fantastic, and it is no wonder everyone in the world chooses you!

Dori and Jason Sarney
South Orange, New Jersey

Thank you so much, Cantor. You did an amazing job today. We were so impressed with your calming demeanor and your excellent ceremony. Many people have already asked me for your contact information for their upcoming events.

Danielle Dalgin-Cohen and Jason Cohen
Stamford, Connecticut

Among the guests at the bris of Gavriel Reuven Zebovitz was the fifth grade class at the Solomon Schechter School of Westchester. Gavriel’s father is their teacher.

You facilitated such a lovely ceremony today and were able to connect so beautifully with our students. The entire community was grateful to have this special simcha in our midst. Thank you also for inviting me to take part in the ceremony – I really appreciate it. Welcome to the Schechter Westchester community!

Rabbi Yael Buechler, Rabbi in Residence
Solomon Schechter School of Westchester

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience you provided for Cecily, David and our family. Ezra’s bris was one of those seminal moments that will never be forgotten. Once again, thank you for making what could have been an angst-ridden event, one of pure joy and celebration.

Bruce Kaiser
Grandfather of Ezra Jon Wildes
Brooklyn, New York

… Among many talents, you are kind, thoughtful, articulate, caring and skillful. I want to keep the spirit and meaning of the ceremony in my heart forever. You helped a rather large gathering of friends and family feel connected with your wisdom, songs, and moving ceremony. It was perfection, and I am forever thankful to you for making the moment so special for our family.

Susie Krupnick
Grandmother of Harrison Parker Ramage
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job (as always) officiating at Lily’s naming. You always help to make special moments even more incredible. Thank you for taking this picture too. It is the only family photo we took that day.

Mitzi and Adam Klatzkin
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

We wish to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you for officiating at our first grandchild’s bris. Although nearly three weeks have gone by, your ceremony continues to resonate through beautiful comments we have received from both family and friends. Some of our non-Jewish friends in attendance, never having participated in such a ritual event, were highly impressed with the entire ceremony, especially the historical background and significance in Judaism. I will always cherish the high honor of having served as Blake’s sandak.

Marsha and Albert Zbik
Grandparents of Blake Adler Lee
Warrington, Pennsylvania

I want to thank you for performing Miles’s bris last month. You conducted such a beautiful ceremony and made it a very meaningful and memorable day for our family. Given that this is our first child, we were a little apprehensive, but you were extremely calm and helped ease any nervous feelings. We truly appreciate your part in officially bringing Miles into the Jewish community.

Rachel and Jonathan Wilf
New York, New York

Thank you for being my mohel. I feel great! Todah Rabah!

Noah Eli Roemer
Son of Nicole Duclos and Alan Roemer
New York, New York

Thank you for a joyful and meaningful celebration of the Jewish soul. You were able to connect my son, my grandson and me to a ritual that has defined our DNA for almost 4,000 years. Although this is not the world of our forefathers, it is our world of today. Sam and Anthony have chosen to build their world on the Jewish values of love and respect for the Godliness in everyone. For that I am grateful as well as for your acknowledgement of their decision. The ceremony has gotten many praises to which I say “amen!” Asher was named after my father-in-law, Alexander, but he also carries the name of my mother’s grandfather, Asher Lieb Guber, who, according to a Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem, was murdered by Hitler’s command in Siemiatycze, Poland. May both men’s names and memories live forever.

David Mink
Grandfather of Asher Padilla Mink
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We wanted to tell you know how much we enjoyed the simchat bat and brit milah ceremonies that you performed for our grandchildren. We loved that you included all the immediate relatives by passing the babies from one to another, thus illustrating the concept of l’dor vador. We noticed that you did not leave until you gave detailed oral and written instructions about Spencer’s care and that you called the same evening to find out how he was doing. Obviously you are a man who takes performing this mitzvah very seriously and wants to give families a meaningful and lasting memory.

Debbie and Neil Klinger
Grandparents of Lila Madison and Spencer Eli Goldschmitt
Bedminster, New Jersey

Alan and I want to thank you for performing such a beautiful naming ceremony for our daughter, Blake. We know that my Mom and Alan’s Aunt Susan, after whom Blake is named, would have been overwhelmed with all the love and warmth in the room that day. Thank you again for helping us make the day so special.

Sarah and Alan Cohen
Bensalem, Pennsylvania

You are truly amazing! Your passion and knowledge of Judaism, combined with your humor and ability to make everyone feel comfortable, make you a wonderful religious leader. It was an honor to have you name our granddaughter. My daughter and son-in-law felt wonderful after the service, and my husband and I were overjoyed.Not only were we impressed with you, but our guests were as well. To quote my brother, “I wish I had met this man earlier in my life.” Thank you for providing this miracle child with a very special beginning to many religious milestones in her life.

Susan Pomerantz
Grandmother of Matingly Ann Apuzzo
Hillsborough, New Jersey

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks for the beautiful bris you preformed for our son, Blake. It was a very special and emotional day. Our families and guests were all moved by the event. You have a wonderful way with people and a talent in the way you carry out the ceremony. We will always remember the special bond with you and our sons, Daniel and Blake. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories. We are truly blessed.

Linda and David Esquenazi
Howell, New Jersey

We can’t thank you enough for the amazing ceremony you performed yesterday at our son’s bris. The warmth, spirituality and steady hand were such a comfort. We love the personalized yarmulke and can’t wait to take him to shul to show it off. Miles seems to be doing great post-bris. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Jill and Jake Manczyk
New York, New York

I wanted to express my appreciation for the beautiful brit milah you performed for my grandson. Your spirituality, your dedication, your caring and your concern for all participating family members, particularly Rebecca and Andrew, Noah’s mom and dad, were phenomenal. Your calm, loving but professional style soothed us all.

Kim Poolman
Grandmother of Noah Sam Poolman
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for such a wonderful job today. It was such a pleasure to have you perform Arlo’s bris, and you couldn’t have been any more comforting or easy to work with. I will have no hesitation in giving my highest recommendation to all our friends who need a mohel in the future. Once again, thank you so much – you were great!

Sarah and Lloyd Bishop
New York, New York

My son, Lucas, is almost three months old, which I cannot believe. Up until now I have not found the time to let you know how very wonderful his bris was. That day will forever be one of the best days of my life, and I want to thank you. I don’t want the memory to fade. I loved everything you did, everything you said and the way you choreographed the service. It really was so special. Many people have said to me and to my parents that they had never been to a bris like that before. You have a wonderful gift, and I just really wanted to take the opportunity to let you know. I’m sorry it has taken me three months, but Lucas sure does keep me busy!

Marni & Lawrence Davis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I want to express my deepest thanks for Jack’s bris. You performed a beautiful ceremony and made the experience an enjoyable one for our entire family. The care that you took before, during, and after was exceptional and put both Jaime and me at ease. Our relatives who traveled from near and far were deeply moved by the ceremony and were so happy that they were able to be with us. Most importantly, Jack has recovered beautifully and is a healthy, growing baby.

Jaime and Jon David
Brooklyn, New York

We wanted to let you know how wonderful the bris for Ezra Moshe was. Your expertise in milah, your subtle humor and your soft but effective way in dealing with the attendees are marvelous. Ezra is fortunate that Becca and Adam chose you.

Marian and Rabbi Fred Kazan
Grandparents of Ezra Moshe Kazan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for another wonderful bris. We really enjoyed it and know that it will be a blessing for Noah Shai and our entire family. As they say, “find yourself a mohel, and you have found yourself a friend.” Yasher koach and looking forward to seeing you at future Kaplan britot!

Jen and Bryan Kaplan
New York, New York

Thank you again for presiding over Asher’s very special bris. We feel fortunate to have had exactly the kind of bris that we wanted. Your work was truly outstanding, as confirmed by our pediatrician, and you brought a lot of warmth and good feeling to the ceremony. You truly have the hands and heart of an exceptional mohel. We are looking forward to seeing you at future Kaplan britot!

Jen and Bryan Kaplan
New York, New York

Thank you for performing Reese’s bris. We appreciate your passion and compassion! You were able to make everyone comfortable, even within an interfaith marriage. Our family members all felt included and informed. And everyone enjoyed the ceremony as well as your humor and expertise. A bris is such an important milestone in the life of a family, and we couldn’t have found anyone better to help us reach it.

Julie and Keith Goddard
Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

You disappeared so quickly that I never got a chance to thank you for doing my latest grandson’s brit. As usual you are the best. I want you to know that my whole family appreciates your services as well as having such a master and a mensch in our midst. Please realize that so many of us are grateful that a leader like you shows our children, grandchildren and many others the direction for living a good, healthy and Jewish life.

Cantor Ed and Linda Kulp
Grandparents of Ezra Charles Mirowitz
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Thank you for traveling to North Carolina once again to perform a bris for one of our sons! We are thrilled that you were able to be here for our family. The beautiful ceremonies you conducted for Eli, Zev and now, Benjamin, mean so much to us. Being remotely located from a Jewish community, we often find ourselves having to settle for the only Jewish option. We are so grateful that you have provided us with much, much more on three special occasions. For this we say, todah rabah.

Stacey and Ari Cohen
Spring Lake, North Carolina

To the Mohel of Chestertown: Thank you for a beautiful bris for my grandson. You were a calming influence for all, and your eloquent explanations helped us better understand the significance of the ceremony. Thank you, thank you!

Charles Lerner
Grandfather of Finn Chapin Lerner
Chestertown, Maryland

Having a son is a blessing from above, and we were delighted to have you welcome Hunter, our newest blessing, into the Jewish community. Even though this bris was for our second son, you made it just as special and meaningful as the first. Along with Rabbi Leib, you conducted a touching ceremony that will be forever ingrained in our memories. Thank you so much for your dedication, spirituality, and love during such a momentous time in our family’s life.

Jamie and Jeff Lincow
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

I saw a picture of you with Rabbi Beals and thought to update you on my son, Joel, whose bris was 18-years ago! He has graduated from high school, is working this summer as a counselor at Camp Galil and will be going to Israel with Habonim D’ror in the fall. You really gave him a good start. I am sure I thanked you 18-years ago, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again!

Janet Rice
Wilmington, Delaware

You’ve been such a big part of all the Ufberg families’ most important Jewish lifecycle milestones—something we will never forget. We hope you get an incredible sense of satisfaction knowing that you bring so many lives into the wonderful world of Judaism and its heritage. Your compassion and caring and insightful words resonate as we watch our children grow. Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting them on the path to a life rooted in Jewish values, tradition and good deeds. And thank you on behalf of all our patients who rave about you!

Leslie Ufberg, M.D. and David Ufberg, M.D.
Alexa, Zach, Jordana and Samara

Amy and Jacob Ufberg, M.D.
Hayden, Robert and Jenna

Melissa and Larry Ufberg, D.M.D.
Dahlia, Brody and Micah

Bonnie and Mannie Citron
Sophie, Cobin and Eden

Matthew Ufberg

Eileen and Michael Ufberg, M.D.

We would like to thank you for the wonderful job that you did with our son’s bris. You performed an excellent circumcision, as was also noted by Dr. Burt Mandelbaum, our pediatrician and a former client of yours, whom we saw the following week. The ceremony was lovely, and our relatives are still talking about it. You handled all aspects of the bris with warmth and ease, comforting our anxiety about the process. The healing phase was quick and without any issues, and now Raphael is doing quite well, as are we.

Natasha and Alex Wolfson
Princeton, New Jersey