What Doctors Say About CantorK

“We can’t thank you enough for the warm, beautiful, inclusive celebration of our son this past weekend. Everyone was very touched by your kindness and the ease with which you managed a house full of nervous loved ones.”

— Elissa Miller, M.D. & Andrew Miller, M.D., M.P.H.

“As an OB physician who performs non-ritual circumcisions daily, I can readily state that Cantor Mark Kushner is highly skilled in the technique and extremely caring and compassionate. The ceremony was beautifully done and very meaningful for all of us. Thank you Cantor K!”

— Steven L. Richman, D.O.

“I wanted to send a note to thank you again for such a wonderful ceremony. My wife and I were quite nervous given the fact that not only is this our first son but also because we are an interfaith couple. We were unsure as to how some of our family, especially those who have never attended a bris before, would react. We must say that our minds were put at ease the minute you walked in the door. Your professionalism, patience and calming demeanor made us comfortable. Almost everyone who was there called the next day to express how beautiful and special the ceremony was, including those for whom a bris was a new experience.”

— Ellen Dean Davis, M.D. & Matthew B. Davis, M.D.

“As a father, I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful and heartfelt ceremony for my son. Cantor Kushner served as a spiritual and religious advisor guiding us through the tradition of brit milah, and the service was performed in the most beautiful manner. As a physician, I couldn’t have asked for someone more skilled, compassionate and dedicated than the Cantor. He will always hold a special place in Sammy’s heart.”

— Todd Bromberg, M.D.

“Cantor Kushner came to us highly recommended, and now we know why. Not only are his technical skills exemplary, but his demeanor put us at ease and we were deeply moved by the way he conducted the ceremonies of our son’s bris and our daughter’s naming. As both a surgeon and a new mother, Cantor Kushner exceeded all of my expectations.”

— Allison Goldberg, M.D.

“Recently you circumcised my son, Shane. I was very impressed with your professionalism as well as your sterile technique. I also appreciated your speed and proficiency as it minimized my son’s discomfort. The ceremony itself was very beautiful and meaningful. I highly recommend you as a mohel!”

— Joshua Karp, M.D.

“CantorK successfully turns a circumcision into a brit milah. He specializes in one, and only one, surgical procedure at which he is experienced, proficient, and well informed. His kindness, thoughtfulness, and interpersonal skills are a source of great comfort throughout the process and the follow up. And his background as a cantor and knowledge of Judaism are a fundamental part of the experience.”

— Ron David Mahlab M.D.

“Cantor Kushner was highly recommended, and rightly so, by both religious advisors and physician colleagues. Our families loved his beautiful service, and his calm manner put this nervous dad at ease. His careful explanation of wound care instructions and post-bris follow up were much appreciated.”

— Adam I. Rubin, M.D.

“I have done many surgeries during my years as a periodontist. For the britot of my sons, Bryan and Zachary, I was very concerned about how this surgery would be performed. It is evident that the Cantor is proficient in many categories—reliability, skill, professionalism, the knowledge of Judaism and prayer, and pre and post bris instructions and care. A CantorK bris was a wonderful way to uphold our religious traditions and to celebrate my sons’ first Jewish life cyle event.”

— David M. Stein D.M.D., M. S.